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A Kind of Paradise
We lived the life that could live
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20th-Jul-2008 10:58 pm - Goddamn Sunflowers
So this is for the IkexPit club over at devArt. Those sunflowers were a pain and I still don't like how they look OTL Maybe I'll change them later...
Oh well, it was kind of refreshing to finally cg again after a year's break or so.
Pike art thingCollapse )
19th-Jun-2008 10:17 pm - Metal Gear Solid 4 ranting
So, I beat MGS4 yesterday. Or was it today? Well, the cutscenes lasted so long, the date changed in the midst of it lol. Anyways, I have somethings to say about it. This is more for me though, so you can ignore this.
Really long MGS4 rantCollapse )
1st-Jun-2008 10:12 pm(no subject)
more arts D: because I don't have anything else to post
tegakisCollapse )
11th-May-2008 01:02 pm - More Arts and things
Sketch dump D: and some new tegakis
WARNING: old and possibly hideous art
really old thingsCollapse )
27th-Apr-2008 08:59 pm - Friends Only
This journal is friends only!

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